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While a student at the Academy of the Arts in Rotterdam,

I was exposed to many media and enthusiastically embraced all possibilities.
I worked in ceramics, textile design, graphic arts and painting.
Handling textiles was very satisfying for me, partially because as a child I was surrounded by many fabrics and the sound of a sewing machine because my mother was a fashion designer.
Even though my material is fabric I consider myself a painter-draftsman always working with the interpretation between material and illusion.

Gabriëlse’s most characteristic works skillfully combine
various fabrics through the appliqué technique embellished by acrylic paint.
During the span of his career Leslie has completed numerous
commissions both private and commercial.
Fiber is his primary art medium and has exhibited his work
extensively in Europe and North America.




 Leslie Gabrielse

Photo : Carel Zorg

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